Lone Star Drama Club



In a far far away land there lived a girl who danced with the prince and lost her shoe when she ran at the stoke of midnight. Who is this girl? Where is she now? Why did she run? Two reporters are racing to find the mystery woman and all things will be revealed in the drama clubs’ performance of Cinderella Confidential on April 10th… The drama club is very proud of the turnout that they had on Friday night. There was no scene forgotten, no light malfunction, or mental breakdowns recorded.

The drama club would like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Sara Olson for the beautiful props. We would also like to thank our parents and our director, Mrs. Christensen.

Drama club memebers:

Kris Walsh as Sonny Glamer and Mrs.Mouse.

Rayannon Reed as Cinderella

Sandra Lockard as Fairy God Mother

Nathen Kubitz as Prince, Pinocchio, Step sister #2 and Mr. Shoemaker

Taylor Barton as Deb Jaber and Step Sister #1

Trevor Cunnigham as Mr. Mouse, Elf, and Jack

Stage Crew:

Sandra Lockard

Nolan Krause

Daydra Parker

Preston Merhing

Austin Smilth

Sadie Parker

Rayannon Reed

Brooke Basset

Jessica Basset


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